About The Optical Group

Canadian Optical Buying Group For Optometrists & Opticians

For more than 30 years we have been supporting independent Eye Care Professionals across Canada, our members benefit from Industry leading customer service, buying group benefits, including exclusive discounts, programs and services.

Optical Group members can choose their vendors, programs and services based on their own needs and preferences.

Supporting Independent Eye Care Professional is what we do!

Optical Group Services:

  • Consolidated Billing/Group Purchasing:
    Combine all your purchases into one simple statement, and only one payment! See all your savings and discounts monthly!
  • Website and Digital Marketing:
    Service options and prices to meet your needs, websites, social media SEO.
  • Exclusive Discounts, Rebates, Promotions:
    We negotiate with over 110 Vendors, so you don’t have to! Access exclusive discounts and increase your profit!
  • Training & Education:
    Access to free business and accredited education, webinars and events.
  • Private Labels:
    Our exclusive private labels give you an edge over your competition, increase customer loyalty and are priced to increase your profits.
  • Software & Office Supplies


Our Support Team

  • Managing Director
    • Managing Director

    Ruth Priebe has been with the Optical Group for more than eleven years. She brings with her Accounting, Customer Service and Business Management experience from various industries. The team relies on her to solve and sort complex numbers, enforce business standards, data management, financial reporting, and vendor relations. She is creative, has a passion for numbers and statistics, and is a dedicated team leader.

  • Senior Accounts Receivable Manager
    • Senior Accounts Receivable Manager

    Stephanie joined The Optical Group in 2005 with a flair for customer service and an ability to solve member concerns with a smile. Her operations experience with large corporate retailers and non-optical buying groups brings a depth of insights and understanding to member concerns. Her “can do” positive attitude combined with access to information and billing systems, resolves most issues with one phone call. A talent for organizing and attention to the smallest details makes monthly reporting and billings statements precise and dependable.

  • Projects Coordinator / Accounting Lead
    • Projects Coordinator / Accounting Lead

    Jordie has a creative and customer service-based background that allows her to expertly resolve any issues with the attention to detail you deserve. As the Accounting Lead, she accurately prepares statements and reports, and assists members, vendors, and the TOG team with any inquiries. As our Projects Coordinator, Jordie has put together many projects and events that you can look forward to.

  • Ar Specialist / Accounts Manager
    • Ar Specialist / Accounts Manager

    Sasha brings to The Optical Group her positive attitude and productive mindset. Members can focus on their business more, as she makes efficient and prompt responses to any payment or statement inquiries. Sasha also leads as our brand ambassador for Inspira, our private label frame collection.

  • Account Manager BC/AB
    • Account Manager BC/AB

    Gemma Gibb is a highly passionate and knowledgeable Account Manager BC/AB working with optical businesses across Western Canada since 2016.

    As a former member of the Nikon Optical Canada Inc. sales team, Gemma earned the trust of several key opinion leaders and maintained strong customer relationships, which led to repeat business. She credits her successes to active listening and putting the needs of her customers first.
    She values open communication, attention to detail, and humor.

    In her spare time, Gemma loves exploring the mountains of British Columbia, traveling to visit friends and family across Canada, and cooking with unique ingredients. You can connect with Gemma via email at gemma@theopticalgroupcanada.com

  • Administration
    • Administration

    Lynn brings outstanding customer service experience and amazing attention to detail. Her positive attitude, smile and work ethic is a perfect complement to the Optical Group team.

We offer optical purchasing services, and consolidated billing to Independent Eye Care Professionals across Whitby, Toronto, Ontario, Vancouver, British Columbia, Edmonton, Alberta, and all over Canada.

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